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7Semi BME680 Temperature Pressure Humidity and Air Quality Sensor Nano Breakout Qwiic


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₹818.92 inc. GST
₹694.00 ex. GST
Precise environmental data on a compact board. BME680 breakout measures temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality (VOCs). I2C interface, 3.3V. View full description
₹818.92 inc. GST
₹694.00 ex. GST


Master Your Environment: Comprehensive Sensing with the BME680 Sensor Breakout
Command precise data on the factors that shape your surroundings. The BME680 Sensor Breakout harnesses the power of Bosch's integrated sensor chip, delivering accurate readings on temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and even air quality indicators (VOCs).
  • Multi-talented BME680 chip: Measures a wide range of environmental parameters:
    • Temperature: -40C to 85C for diverse applications
    • Humidity: 0% to 100% for comfort and process control
    • Pressure: 300 hPa to 1100 hPa for weather insights and altitude tracking
    • VOCs: 0.05 to 50 ppm to monitor indoor air quality
  • Easy integration: I2C interface streamlines connection to microcontrollers and popular boards like Raspberry Pi and Arduino.
  • Versatile voltage support: 3.3V compatibility ensures seamless operation within common development environments.
  • Space-saving design: Compact and lightweight form factor suits portable, wearable, and embedded projects.
  • Power-conscious: Optimized for low power consumption with configurable modes and interrupts to extend battery life.
  • Plug-and-play convenience: Qwiic connector eliminates complex wiring
  • Smart homes and buildings: Optimize HVAC systems and create responsive environments based on real-time air quality data.
  • Precision meteorology: Build custom weather stations or augment existing systems with accurate, localized readings.
  • Health and wellness: Integrate into fitness trackers or air purifiers to promote well-being
  • Industrial automation: Monitor sensitive processes and ensure optimal environmental conditions within manufacturing or laboratory settings.
Experience the difference with the BME680 Sensor Breakout – your gateway to informed environmental decision-making.
Important Notes:
  • Optimal performance: Allow for sensor burn-in time (20+ minutes) and expect readings to stabilize within a few minutes after starting.
  • Multiple sensors: Adjustable I2C address (0x76 or 0x77) enables the use of multiple BME680 sensors simultaneously.
  • Compatibility: Be mindful of potential address conflicts if using alongside BME280 or BMP280 sensors.

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