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7Semi BME680 Temperature Pressure Humidity and Air Quality Sensor Nano Breakout 1.27mm Pitch


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₹818.92 inc. GST
₹694.00 ex. GST
Precise environmental data on a compact board. BME680 breakout measures temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality (VOCs). I2C interface, 3.3V. View full description
₹818.92 inc. GST
₹694.00 ex. GST


7Semi BME680 Temperature Pressure Humidity and Air Quality Sensor Nano Breakout: The Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring Solution
Take your environmental sensing projects to the next level with the 7Semi BME680 Sensor Nano Breakout. This powerful module packs a Bosch BME680 sensor, renowned for its ability to accurately measure temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and indoor air quality (VOCs). Designed for efficiency and flexibility, this breakout board is an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.
  • Bosch BME680 Sensor: Delivers reliable and precise readings across multiple environmental parameters.
  • I2C Interface with Selectable Address: Ensures seamless integration with popular microcontrollers and single-board computers (0x76 or 0x77).
  • 3.3V Compatibility: Works flawlessly with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other common platforms.
  • 1.27mm Pitch Header: Facilitates easy and secure connections.
  • Advanced Power Management: Offers programmable low-power modes and interrupt functions to optimize battery life in portable or long-term projects.
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring: Improve home or workplace air quality by tracking key pollutants.
  • Smart Home Automation: Create intelligent systems that respond to temperature, humidity, and air quality changes for optimal comfort.
  • Weather Stations: Build accurate weather monitoring devices for personal or research purposes.
  • Wearable Health Devices: Develop innovative wearables that track factors affecting personal health and well-being.
  • Environmental Research: Gather valuable data for environmental studies and projects
Important Notes:
  • Burn-in and Stabilization: The sensor benefits from an initial burn-in period (20+ minutes), and readings may take a short time to stabilize for optimal accuracy.
  • I2C Address Flexibility: Utilize the solder bridge to change the I2C address if using multiple sensors simultaneously.
  • Compatibility: Be aware of potential I2C address conflicts with BME280 and BMP280 sensors.

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