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45KG Torque Coreless Waterproof Servo Motor


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The 45kg Torque Coreless Waterproof Servo Motor delivers high torque and is waterproof. It's ideal for applications requiring powerful and reliable servo motion in wet or challenging environments. View full description
₹4,941.84 inc. GST
₹4,188.00 ex. GST
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This high-torque coreless servo is designed for use in robotics applications, with features that make it strong, durable, and precise. Its all-metal gears, aluminum shell, and waterproof design make it resistant to wear and damage, and its circuit board is sealed to protect against water and dissipate heat. The built-in rotation driver ensures accurate control of the servo's motion, which is also stable and quiet. The servo is capable of rotating 360 degrees without getting stuck, and its 180 degree control angle allows for precise movement. Additionally, the internal pulse lock function allows the servo to be locked in place with a single pulse, reducing processor load and extending its lifespan.

This servo features up to 180 degrees rotation angle within the pulse range of 500-2500μsec and stall torque at 8.4V working voltage. It is very suitable for professional development and research scenarios, or remote controlling applications like DIY robot cars or ships.

  • With all-metal gear and aluminum shell
  • IP67 waterproof
  • High accuracy and long lifespan
Package Contents
  • 45KG Torque Coreless Waterproof Servo x1
  • Servo Horn and Screw Pack x1

Technical Specifications

Control System:
Working Voltage:
6.0V ~8.4V
Working Temperature:
-20 ~ 60C
Service Life:
> 600,000 times of use
Rotation Angle:
180 deg
Signal Pulse Width Range:
500 - 2500 usec
Motor Driver:
Motor Type:
coreless motor
Potentiometer Processing Method:
direct driving
Signal Processing Method:
digital signal
Maximum Torque:
35kg·cm@6V, 45kg·cm@8.4V
No-load Speed:
0.12sec/60@6V, 0.11sec/60@8.4V
No-load Current:
300mA@6V, 450mA@8.4V
Load Current:
3100mA@6V, 3900mA@8.4V
Dead Zone:
Ball Bearing:
Gear Material:
all metal
Servo Shell Material:
about 40x20x40.50mm

Warranty Information

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