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WPAH01 10bar - 20V Ceramic Pressure Sensor Piezoresistance Thick-film

Winsen Sensor

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095-WPAH01 10bar
Manufacturer Part Number:
WPAH01 10bar
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₹356.83 inc. GST
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WPAH01 ceramic pressure sensor adopts ceramic base, made into ceramic piezoresistance pressure sensor with thick-film technology. It’s size D 18mmx6.35mm. Ceramic is a kind of material with high elasticity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, resistance to impact and vibration. Ceramic’s good thermal stability and thick film high temperature sintering process make the ceramic pressure sensor’s operating temperature range up to -40~125 C. The ceramic's high elasticity and creep resistance make the ceramic pressure sensor have good long-term stability. Besides, the corrosion resistance character makes the sensor have unique advantages in the application such as the refrigeration, chemical and environmental protection and other fields.


Technical Specifications

Winsen Sensor
D 18mm*6.35mm
Working voltage:
Detection Range:
2bar, 5bar, 10bar, 20bar, 50bar, 100bar
Input, output resistance:
1.5-4mv/V, typical value 2.5+-1.0mv/V
Zero output:
0~+-0.4 mv/V, typical value 0+-0.25mv/V
Temperature range:
Safe overload:
two times of rated detection range (when sensitivity is typical value)
Temperature draft:
Typical value +-0.05%FS/C
Linearity, hysteresis, repeatability:
typical value +-0.3 %FS
Better than +-0.5%FS / year(if it is used properly)

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