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WeAct Studio STM32H750 Development Board

Adafruit Industries

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₹5,540.10 inc. GST
₹4,695.00 ex. GST
The WeAct Studio STM32H750 Development Board is a compact and powerful platform featuring a 480MHz ARM Cortex-M7 processor, 1024KB RAM, 8MB QSPI Flash, and various peripherals like a camera, display, and microSD card slot. View full description
₹5,540.10 inc. GST
₹4,695.00 ex. GST
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This development board for the STM32H750 featuring the STM32H750VBT6, this chip has 1024KB of RAM, 8MB of QSPI Flash, and runs at 480 MHz. The WeAct Studio STM32H750 Development Board is a compact and versatile platform for exploring the capabilities of the powerful STM32H750 microcontroller. This board is ideal for experienced developers and hobbyists who want to create demanding embedded applications in various fields like industrial automation, robotics, motor control, and complex data acquisition systems.

Board Features
  • USB C connector
  • 8 MB SPI chip (for storage)
  • 8 MB QSPI memory (for program/flash)
  • 0.96" SPI TFT display
  • SWD debug/programming breakout (requires an external STLink compatible programmer)
  • GPIO breakouts
  • MicroSD slot
  • OV2640 camera module
  • Tactile Switches: NR (reset) button, a B0 (DFU bootloader) button, and a K1 (User) button.
  • STM32H750VBT6 480Mhz, 128KB ROM, 1MB RAM
  • ARM Cortex M7 Architecture with FPU floating point unit, complete DSP instruction and memory protection unit MPU
  • 8 MB SPI chip (for storage)
  • 8 MB QSPI memory (for program/flash)
  • Gold-plated, 4 layer PCB, RoHS process
  • User, BOOT0/DFU & reset buttons
  • USB C interface, Micro SD card,  3 buttons, DCMI camera interface, with 1.5V and 2.8V power supply
  • Unofficial Support for OpenMV4 development
Q: What is the processor used in the WeAct Studio STM32H750 Development Board?
A: The board features a high-performance STM32H750VBT6 microcontroller with a 480MHz ARM Cortex-M7 core.
Q: What are the memory specifications of this development board?

The board comes with 1024KB of SRAM and 8MB of QSPI Flash memory for storing code and data.

Q: What display options are available on the board?

The WeAct Studio STM32H750 board includes a 0.96-inch SPI TFT display, which can be used for showing information and graphics.

Q: Does the board have any camera capabilities?

Yes, the board integrates an OV2640 camera module for capturing images and videos.

Q: What software and tools can I use with this development board?

The board is compatible with the Arduino IDE, as well as various other development environments supporting STM32 microcontrollers. You can also use ST's STM32CubeIDE for a more comprehensive suite of tools and libraries.

Technical Specifications

Adafruit Industries
67.0mm x 40.5mm x 5.5mm

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