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ULN2003APG - 50V 500mA 7-Ch NPN Darlington Sink Driver PDIP-16 Through-hole


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The ULN2003APG is a high-quality and reliable 7-channel NPN Darlington Sink Driver. It is designed to deliver exceptional performance in a range of applications that require high-voltage and high-current capabilities. With its through-hole packaging, this product ensures ease of installation and secure connections.

This driver is an ideal choice for various applications, including relay drivers, hammer drivers, lamp drivers, and display (LED) drivers. Its versatile nature and efficient functioning make it suitable for a wide range of industries and projects. Whether you need to control inductive loads or switch on/off different elements, the ULN2003APG offers outstanding performance and precision.

One of the key features of the ULN2003APG is its integral clamp diodes. These diodes are essential for switching inductive loads, providing protection for your circuit and enhancing its overall durability. This ensures that your connected devices, such as relays or other components, are safeguarded from voltage spikes and electromagnetic interference.

The ULN2003APG operates at a voltage of up to 50V, making it suitable for driving devices that require higher voltages. It can handle a maximum current of 500mA, allowing it to power demanding loads efficiently. This driver offers stable and consistent performance, enabling your applications to function optimally and reliably.

With its PDIP-16 through-hole packaging, the ULN2003APG guarantees secure connections and easy integration into your system. Its compact design allows for convenient installation in space-constrained environments, making it a versatile choice for various projects.

Technical Specifications

Through Hole
Number of Pins:
Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage:
1.6 V
Collector Emitter Voltage (VCEO):
50 V
Max Collector Current:
500 mA
Max Operating Temperature:
85 C
Max Power Dissipation:
1.47 W
Min Operating Temperature:
-40 C
Output Current:
500 mA
Output Voltage:
50 V
3.5 mm
19.25 mm
6.4 mm

Warranty Information

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