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STS21 - 3.6V Digital Temperature Sensor I2C 6-Pin DFN


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STS21, the new temperature sensor of Sensirion is about to set new standards in terms of size and intelligence: Embedded in a reflow solderable Dual Flat No leads (DFN) package of 3 x 3mm foot print and 1.1mm height it provides calibrated, linearized signals in digital, I2C format. Using the same CMOSens technology as Sensirion‟s successful and industry proven SHT2x humidity and temperature sensors, the STS21 offers superior performance and reliability. The +-0.2C temperature specification allows for implementation of the STS21 in applications with high demands on temperature accuracy. Every sensor is individually calibrated and tested. Lot identification is printed on the sensor and an electronic identification code is stored on the chip – which can be read out by command. Furthermore, the resolution of STS21 can be changed by command (11bit up to 14bit), low battery can be detected and a checksum helps to improve communication reliability. With made improvements and the miniaturization of the sensor the performance-to-price ratio has been improved - and eventually, any device should benefit from the cutting edge energy saving operation mode.

Key Features
  • Fully calibrated
  • Digital output, I2C interface
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent long term stability
  • DFN type package - reflow solderable

Technical Specifications


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