STM32 Nucleo STA350BW Sound Terminal Expansion Board

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The X-NUCLEO-CCA01M1 is an expansion board based on the STA350BW Sound Terminal 2.1-channel high-efficiency digital audio output system. It can be plugged on top of an STM32 Nucleo board and is compatible with the ST morpho connector layout. It enables the output of digital audio streams to a speakers pairs connected directly to the board and allows the evaluation of the STMicroelectronics STA350BW digital audio output component. Up to two X-NUCLEO-CCA01M1 expansion boards can be plugged on top of the same STM32 Nucleo host in order to build a four-channel digital audio output system. The communication between the STM32 MCU and the STA350BW device is performed through the I2C bus interface for setup and control purposes and the I2S bus for digital audio transmission. A dedicated connector is available on the board in order to supply the power source for the output stage.

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