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ST-LINK/V2 (mini), STM Programmers & Debuggers


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The Mini ST-LINK/V2 is an extreme low-cost solution for in-circuit debugging and programming of STM8 and STM32 devices. It features a 500mA self-recovery fuse to protect against short circuits and offers dual voltage output (3.3V/5V) for easy debugging and programming. The board utilizes a standard USB interface for direct connection to a PC. The debugger provides various debugging capabilities, including running at full-speed, single-stepped operation, setting breakpoints, and viewing variables and registers. For programming, it supports FLASH ROM, EEPROM, AFR, and more. It combines SWIM/SWD interfaces, providing quick response times for debugging and fast programming speeds. The firmware is upgradable, enabling support for additional devices in the future, and it automatically updates itself for convenience.


  • Onboard 500mA self-recovery fuse to avoid harming by short circuit
  • Dual voltage output (3.3V/5V), easy for debugging/programming
  • Standard USB interface for direct connection to PC
  • Debugging/Programing performance
    • Debugging : run at full-speed, single-stepped, breakpoints, viewing variables and registers, etc.
    • Programming : supports FLASH ROM, EEPROM, AFR, etc.
    • 0 combined with SWIM/SWD interfaces : quick response for debugging & fast speed for programming
  • Upgradable firmware
    • The firmware is upgradable to support more devices in the future
    • Automatically upgraded
  • Supported software
    • ST-LINK Utility v2.0 (or higher ver.)
    • STVD Version 4.2.1 (or higher ver.)
    • STVP Version 3.2.3 (or higher ver.)
    • IAR EWARM Revision v6.20 (or higher ver.)
    • IAR EWSTM8 Revision v1.30 (or higher ver.)
    • KEIL RVMDK Revision v4.21 (or higher ver.)
  • Supported devices
    • All the STM8 devices with SWIM interface
    • All the STM32 devices with SWD interface

Technical Specifications

SWIM voltage range:
1.65V - 5.5V
LED indicator:
Dual color LED
Debug interfaces:
SWD voltage range:
1.65V - 3.6V
Supports SWV:

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