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SparkFun NanoBeacon Board IN100


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The SparkFun IN100 NanoBeacon Board is a breakthrough in wireless low-energy BT beacon technology. With its minimal programming requirements and ultra-low power consumption, this board offers unparalleled efficiency. Featuring the IN100 NanoBeacon from InPlay, it complies with various standard 2.4 GHz protocols and boasts configurable features that significantly reduce power usage, ensuring years of continuous operation in the field. Whether you need wireless sensor monitoring, asset tracking, or real-time location monitoring, this board is the ideal solution.

Powering the IN100 is a breeze, as it can be operated by a single 3V coin cell battery. To facilitate this, It incorporates a 12mm coin cell battery holder (CR1225 battery not included) into the design. Additionally, seamless integration into our expanding Qwiic ecosystem is made possible through the inclusion of a Qwiic connector. On one side of the board, you'll find a UART interface breakout for easy serial communication using a 0.1"-spaced through-hole header and Serial Basic. The other side features four of the IN100's GPIO pins (4-7), along with the two I/O power switch pins (SW0 and SW1). Lastly, we've included a designated "Notes" space on the back of the board, allowing you to jot down any necessary information or labels for quick identification of different NanoBeacon boards.

Board Features
  • IN100 NanoBeacon
    • 2.4GHz BT Beacon module
    • Supply Voltage Range: 1.1-3.6V
    • Ultra Low Power: < 650nA in Sleep Mode
    • Beacon Modes: Proprietary, BT, Google Eddystone, and Apple iBeacon compliant
  • Through Hole Pins (Male headers pre-soldered):
    • 3.3V UART
    • 4 GPIO
    • 2 Switch Pins
  • Coin Cell Battery Holder
    • Fits a 3V CR1225 battery
  • 1x Vertical Qwiic Connector


Technical Specifications


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