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SparkFun Brushless Motor Driver 3-Phase TMC6300


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The SparkFun 3-Phase Brushless Motor Driver incorporates the TMC6300 from ADI + Trinamic, making it a robust and user-friendly driver for three-phase motors, specifically designed for our Brushless Gimbal Motor. It offers the capability to control any 3-phase BLDC or PMSM motor with a maximum total drive current of 2A (1.4ARMS). The driver allows separate high-side and low-side control of the three half-bridges, enabling precise management of each phase during motor commutation. Additionally, it includes safeguards against temperature variations and short circuits, along with a diagnostic output that signals any system faults. The TMC6300 operates with a regulated power output of 1.8V and can function with an input voltage as low as 2V, making it well-suited for low-power microcontroller and battery-powered designs. It can be powered by a minimum of two AA/NiMh cells or one to two Li-Ion cells.

Board Features
  • TMC6300 Motor Driver IC
  • Inputs:
    • VS/GND - Power (2-11V)
    • VCP - Charge Pump (for capacitor)
    • VIO - I/O Logic Level/Standby Control
    • High-side and Low-side MOSFET pairs
      • UH/UL (PWM Input)
      • VH/VL (PWM Input)
      • WH/WL (PWM Input)
  • Outputs:
    • SEN - Current sense
    • DIAG - Diagnostic
    • Power Output from the three half-bridges
      • U/V/W (Motor Phase)

Technical Specifications


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