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The MIKROE-989 RS485 Click Board integrates SN75HVD12, an RS-422/485, half-duplex, tristate differential line driver and differential input line receiver, from Texas Instruments. It features a half-duplex communication capability, bus Idle, opens and short-circuit detection, glitch free power-up and power-down for hot-plugging applications, thermal shutdown, and more. It is well suited for transmitting data packets over long distances and noisy areas, using the twisted wire bus, which offers good electromagnetic interferences (EMI) immunity. ESD protection of the transceiver IC ensures reliable operation, exceeding 16kV for human body model (HBM).

RS485 Click Board Description

This click is intended to be used as a physical layer device, often referred to as PHY, providing physical interfacing of the MCU TTL level UART lines with the RS422/485 bus. It is well suited for transmitting smaller blocks of data over long distances, using a twisted differential signal pair, for both TX and RX signals, allowing for half-duplex asynchronous communication. The SN75HVD12 transceiver consists of a separate driver and receiver sections, with Driver Enable and Receiver Enable pins (#RE and DE), used to enable the appropriate sections.

Pinout Diagram

Onboard Setting and Indicators


Extra Information

Interfacing the MCU UART module with the RS422/RS485 communication bus. Controlling various building automation systems, light controllers, sensors, and small embedded devices that can share the same bus
On-board Modules:
SN75HVD12, an RS-422/485, half-duplex, tri-state differential line driver and differential input line receiver, from Texas Instruments
Key Features:
High communication speed up to 1Mbps, true failsafe protection, thermal shutdown, short circuit protection of the driver output, termination resistor selected with the jumper, bus biasing selected with jumpers
42.9 x 25.4 mm
Input Voltage:

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