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FT232H Breakout - USB C to GPIO+SPI+I2C

Adafruit Industries

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The Adafruit FT232H breakout board USB C connector is a versatile and easy-to-use development tool designed for use with a range of microcontrollers and other devices. The board is based on the FTDI FT232H chip, which provides a range of functionalities, including USB to serial conversion, GPIO, and SPI, I2C, and JTAG interfaces. The board is compatible with a range of programming languages, including Python, C, and CircuitPython, and can be used with popular microcontrollers, including Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

The Adafruit FT232H breakout board features a compact design and includes a range of useful features, including an onboard LED indicator, a reset button, and a 3.3V regulator. The board also includes 16 GPIO pins that can be used for a range of applications, including controlling LEDs, reading switches, and interfacing with other sensors and devices.

The Adafruit FT232H breakout board is a versatile and easy-to-use tool that is well-suited for a range of applications, including prototyping, testing, and debugging. Its compatibility with a range of programming languages and microcontrollers, along with its GPIO and interface functionalities, make it a popular choice for use in a variety of projects, from simple DIY projects to more complex robotics and automation applications.


Technical Specifications

Adafruit Industries
23mm x 38mm x 4mm

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    1 Reviews

  • Posted by AJEET SINHA on 22nd Jan 2023


    Original Adafruit FT232H with USB C Port

    The breakout board working as expected. Serial , I2C SPI all working well. USB C Port makes it a ideal FT232 test board.