7Semi SHT40 SGP40 VOC Air Quality Sensor Breakout Qwiic Compatible

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The sensor module is equipped with an SGP40, an SHT40 humidity and temperature output via an I2C interface. SGP40 is Sensirion’s new digital VOC (volatile organic compounds) sensor designed for easy integration into air treatment devices and air quality monitors. Based on Sensirion’s CMOSens Technology, the SGP40 offers a complete sensor system on a single chip and features a digital I2C interface, a temperature-controlled micro-hotplate and a humidity-compensated indoor air quality signal. SHT4x is a digital sensor platform for measuring relative humidity and temperature at different accuracy classes. The I2C interface provides several preconfigured I2C addresses and maintains an ultra-low power budget.

Board Dimensions

Arduino I2C Connection Diagram

VOC Sensing for Better Indoor Air Quality

Extra Information

Supply Voltage:
3.3 / 5 V
Current Consumption:
2.6 to 3.5 mA
Measurement Range:
0 to 1,000 ppm of ethanol equivalents
Sensor Output:
Digital 16-bit raw signal
Processed Output:
Digital VOC Index signal
Response Time:
< 10 s (tau 63 %)
Limit of Detection:
< 0.05 ppm of ethanol equivalents or < 10% of concentration setpoint
Switch-on Time:
< 60 s
RH Operating Range:
0~100% RH
RH Response Time:
6 sec (tau63%)

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