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ESP32 Servo Driver Expansion Board, Built-In WiFi and Bluetooth


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The Waveshare's ESP32 Servo Driver Expansion Board is is a bus servo control board based on ESP32 that can control bus servos through the WEB application. The board supports the programming of servo modes and servo motors to change the ID and working mode. This driver board can control 253 bus servos and read the current angle, load, voltage, mode and other information of each servo, and can use the serial port to communicate with the upper computer, which is used to build the lower computer of the robot project, and the on-board OLED. The LCD display can be used to display key information and is suitable for robot projects such as robotic arms, hexapod robots, humanoid robots, wheeled robots, etc. that require feedback on the angle and load of the steering gear.

  • Allows controlling up to 253 SC, ST series serial bus servos at the same time (adequate power supply required)
  • Wide range voltage input 6-12V (the input voltage and the servo voltage must be matched)
  • Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as ESP-NOW support, for remote control and servo debugging
  • Automatic download circuit for easy uploading programs
  • Open source web application and various robot structures
  • Compact size and space saving, suitable for integration into sorts of space-limited projects
Package Content
Weight: 0.021 kg
  1. Servo Driver with ESP32 x1
  2. Screws pack x1

ESP32 Servo Driver Expansion Board

Dedicated Driver Board Designed For Serial Bus Servos

Allows controlling up to 253 servos via the ESP32 serial port, with open source bottom layer and web application, as well as open source hexapod walker and humanoid robot structures, ideal to be used as the main controller while building robotics projects.

Application Examples

  • Servos will provide various feedback like position, speed, torque lock, operating mode (servo mode, servo motor mode, etc.) for advanced projects requiring closed-loop automatic control
  • Ideal choice for building quadruped robots, hexapod walkers, robotic arms and other robotic projects requiring multiple servos

UART Serial Bus Control

Allows Controlling Up To 253 SC, ST Series Serial Bus Servos At The Same Time

Note: though one channel UART is able to control up to 253 bus servos, due to the high power of the servos, it is necessary to consider whether the power supply solution is enough when using too many servos.

Compatible Servos

6 ~ 12V Wide Voltage Input

The Input Voltage And The Servo Voltage Must Be Matched

Note: The input voltage must match the servo voltage, e.g. when using the SC15 Servo with a voltage of 6-8.4V, the input voltage of the DC port of the drive board should also be within the same range of 6-8.4V.

ESP32 Controller, Extensive Resources
Easy Secondary Development

Built-In WiFi And Bluetooth, As Well As ESP-NOW Support, For Remote Control And Servo Debugging

OLED Status Monitor

WiFi Remote Control

Built-In WiFi And Bluetooth, As Well As ESP-NOW Support, For Remote Control And Servo Debugging

What's On Board

  1. ESP32 main controller
  2. Serial bus servo control interface
  3. OLED screen
  4. BOOT button to enter download mode
  5. Reset button
  6. TYPE-C connector 
  7. Automatic download circuit
  8. RGB-LED indicator
  9. 5.5*2.1 DC power jack
  10. RGB-LED extension interface
  11. Onboard PCB antenna
  12. Serial bus servo controll circuit

Outline Dimensions

Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage:
DC 6-12V(the input voltage and the servo voltage must be matched)
Control Interface:
Download Interface:
Power Supply Connector:
5.5x2.1mm DC
65mm x 30mm
Fixing Hole Diameter:
Mounting Hole Size:
Mounting Hole Spacing:
23 x 58mm

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