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ESP Prog - ESP32 & ESP8266 Programmer USB-C, USB to UART Adapter

CAPUF Embedded

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₹553.42 inc. GST
₹469.00 ex. GST
The ESP32/ESP8266 Programmer (USB-C) is an efficient tool for programming ESP32 and ESP8266 microcontrollers. Its USB-C interface ensures convenient and reliable connectivity, simplifying development and debugging tasks. View full description
₹553.42 inc. GST
₹469.00 ex. GST
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The ESP Prog is an ESP8266, ESP32 programmer and debugging tool with a USB to UART adapter feature. It can program and debug any microcontroller which needs a boot Pin and Reset Pin control for flashing the program. The programmer comes with a USB-C type connector. The ESP Prog can easily connect to a PC with the use of a single USB cable.

Or, one can also use it as a USB to UART adapter.

  • Compact size: 50mmx30mm
  • USB-C Type Interface: you can connect a USB in any direction. Use USB-A to USB-C Cable.
  • LEDs for Power, RX, TX
  • Switch for Reset and Boot
  • Both 3.3V and 5V are available on the O/P connector
  • All signals on a standard 2.54mm Pitch Header (Header will come along with the board (unsoldered))

ESP Prog Pinout

  1. 3.3V DC (100mA Max.)
  2. TXD
  3. RXD
  4. GND
  5. Reset/RTS
  6. Boot/DTR
  7. GND
  8. 5V DC (500mA Max.)

ESP PROG Connections


Technical Specifications

CAPUF Embedded

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