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10 Things That You Should Know About Home Automation

Published by Amit Kumar Sharma on 24th Jun 2019

10 Things That You Should Know About Home Automation

The introduction of robotics and artificial intelligence has drastically changed our lifestyle. Tasks that once took ample of time can now be done effortlessly within minutes. While the invention of washing machines, vacuum cleaners and refrigerators prevailed, the introduction of smart home automation has swept the floor altogether. Let's learn more about this revolutionary technology and what benefits it upholds in its ensemble.

What Is Home Automation?

Home automation is a smart-home-technology refers that connects home devices, appliances and systems to a common platform that can be autonomously-controlled. Generally, the home automation systems are either controlled through wall-mounted terminals, a mobile phone application, or a web interface, that is also available remotely using the Internet.

When the smart home devices work together in one system, they can also be referred to as "connected home". For instance, your home's lights, thermostat, security cameras, TVs, audio speakers, locks, and appliances attached to one common system, controlled using a smartphone is an example of home automation.

Given to the ease the smart home devices have brought into our lives, this technological advancement allows you to experience high-tech functionality and comfort. Let's know what more this technology has to offer.

10 Interesting Things About Home Automation

Technology has all the time made our lives easy. With the same objective, smart home devices were introduced. Here's a closer look to ten interesting things you should know about smart home devices and home automation.

  1. Centralized Platform for Everything

Bid adieu to the days when you used to struggle remembering have you locked the doors, switched off the lights, turned off the gas, etc. With home automation, you own a one-stop solution. You will be able to manage your entire home appliances and devices with a single click or swipe. All you require is to set up your home with smart home devices.

Sometimes, people opt for different control platforms which create ambiguity. For example, you might have to log in to different devices to manage your home's alarms and thermostat settings. However, all this fuss can be easily avoided using centralized home automation system.

  1. Protects Home in Case of Fire

As per the National Fire Protection Association, 3 out of 5 house fire deaths happened due to no smoke alarms or inactive smoke alarms. This is where home automation systems play a very significant role. The smoke alarm detectors send you an update as soon as there's a slight smoke detected. Using the quick door unlock feature of automation systems, you can allow the fire department to enter your home even if you are away quickly.

Other than this, by using the same automation system, you can easily turn off your AC during a fire alarm to limit the spread of smoke. Isn't it the most genius invention for protecting homes?

  1. It Will Save You Money

Though the preliminary cost of installing smart home devices is high, eventually it will prove to be of worth. These systems can help you save money on energy, lighting, thermostat and even insurance costs. For instance, most of the energy or power is wasted due to inefficient heating and cooling systems. They take a lot of time to adjust according to your comfort.

But, with automation systems, you can control the temperature of your home before reaching your place. And, dial it down once you reach. This will noticeably cut down the electricity expense. Moreover, the installation of automation system not only saves you money but also simplify your life at the same time.

  1. Offers Easy Monitoring & Surveillance

Another important aspect of a home automation system is that they are the best security systems you can wish for. All you need to do is install HD surveillance cameras in your home and connect it to your mobile device. With one click, you will be able to keep a watch at your entire home even if you are away from home.

No more looking up to your neighbours to take care of your house. In addition, you can also view live video of entryways, hallways or any other part of the house. If there happens to be any unusual activity, the alarm will tick off and you will get an instant notification. Besides, each activity is recorded on a digital recorder that you can assess at your convenience.

As per a report by Alarm Industry Research & Educational Foundation, 60% of the robbers confirmed they have to look for an alternate target if they suspect the presence of a camera in a home.

  1. Increased Power Saving

The price of forgetting to turn off the water geyser or bathroom lights can add zeros to the electricity bill. On the other hand, controlling lighting and other electric appliances based on time of day or usage can help in reducing energy costs to a great length.

Thus, using a home automation system to save electricity and money is certainly the wise move. The automation system helps in detecting whether you have turned an item off or not. If not, it allows you to pull the plug and save electricity plus money.

  1. Customization as per Use

You're moving to a new place? Planning to renovate your house? Or, simply adding a new room to the place? Be it anything; the home automation system can be customized as per your need and usage. You do not have to go through the difficulty of changing the whole wiring system or anything for that matter. Just a simple modification can help in adjusting the system according to your new layout.

  1. Works Even When Offline

One of the best things about automation systems is that they work even when you are offline. The systems send an instant notification to the user if any unusual activity takes place. In addition, if your Wi-Fi fails or there is low connectivity of LAN network, the whole system can work through your mobile internet. The dependency is quite minimal, and you can set it up on a number of devices with a time limit of usage.

  1. Tailor-made for Comfort

Everyone has multiple chores on their mind which need to be attended on a regular basis. However, in the midst of little tasks, those tasks take a back seat. But, with home automation system life could be a bit simpler. It allows you to attune your home as per your requirement at any given time.

For instance, if you are away from home, and wish to de-freeze the refrigerator, you can do it with a simple touch. Or, if you don't feel the need of thermostat to be in sync with the other smart home devices, you can skip connecting it. The automation systems are designed for your comfort and feasibility.

  1. Caters to all Generations

Did we mention, how easy it is to use? Given to its simplicity, the automation system can be effortlessly handled by any novice user. A simple push of buttons can save you from the trouble of checking on every single thing. Not to mention, it is best for senior citizens as they can simply sit and control the functioning of the whole system. Also, it works as a safety net for them and your children whenever you are away.

  1. Excellent Stress Buster

Knowing that everything and everyone at your home is safe gives you relaxation from the unnecessary tension. Besides, the best part is you can double check yourself anytime you want. Whether or not you have switched off the lights, have you left your garage door open, or is your main door locked or not. You can be free from these little things that cause big stress even before your day has started.

Sofar the home automation systems are showing high potential in making our lives easier and enjoyable. As the technology keeps on developing, the smart home devices will be a breakthrough for the entire world. The question is - are you ready to imbibe the change?

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