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Adafruit DPS310 Precision Barometric Pressure / Altitude Sensor

Adafruit Industries

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₹849.60 inc. GST
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The DPS310 sensor from Infineon a high precision barometric sensor, perfect for measuring altitude changes with a up to ±0.002 hPa (or ±0.02 m) precision high precision mode and ± 1 hPa absolute accuracy. That means you can know your absolute altitude with 1 meter accuracy when you set the sea-level pressure, and measure changes in altitude with up to 2 cm precision. This makes it a great sensor for use in drones or other altitude-sensitive robots. This sensor would also do well in any environmental sensing kit, you can use it to predict weather system changes.

STEMMA QT / Qwiic 4-pin 1mm Pitch White Female Connector Cable 150mm Long - Both Side can be purchased seperately.


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