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Adafruit ADXL343 + ADT7410 Sensor FeatherWing Board

Adafruit Industries

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₹1,463.20 inc. GST
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Enhance your Feather board with precise temperature sensing and motion detection using this versatile all-in-one FeatherWing. It features two exceptional sensors from Analog Devices: the ADXL343 triple-axis accelerometer and the ADT7410 precision temperature sensor.

Both sensors are conveniently connected via the shared I2C bus, making it compatible with all Feather boards. We have included interrupt pins and address-selection jumpers to accommodate multiple Feather boards or address conflicts. With Arduino (C/C++) and CircuitPython libraries available, you can start collecting data readings on any Feather board in less than 5 minutes.

The Analog Devices ADXL343 offers measurements in three axes: X, Y, and Z. You can adjust the sensitivity level to +-2g, +-4g, +-8g, or +-16g based on your requirements. The lower range provides greater resolution for slow movements, while the higher range is suitable for high-speed tracking. Known for their exceptional quality MEMS devices, Analog Devices delivers the latest and greatest with the ADXL343.

The Analog Devices ADT7410 is an I2C temperature sensor with impressive specifications, including 16-bit 0.0078C temperature resolution and 0.5C temperature tolerance. Use it with any microcontroller to effortlessly obtain accurate temperature readings.

ADT7410 Specifications:
  • Up to 16-bit temperature resolution (0.0078C per lsb), default is 13 bits (0.0625C per lsb).
  • Highly accurate temperature tolerances:
    +-0.5C from −40C to +105C (2.7 V to 3.6 V)
    +-0.4C from −40C to +105C (3.0 V)
  • Configurable I2C address allows up to four sensors on the I2C bus
ADXL343 Specifications:
  • 3-axis MEMs digital accelerometer
  • User-selectable output resolution:
    • +/- 2 g (10-bit data, or +/- 512)
    • +/- 4 g (11-bit data, or +/- 1024)
    • +/- 8g (12-bit data, or +/- 2048)
    • +/- 16 g (13-bit data, or +/- 4096)
  • User-selectable data rate (0.1 .. 3200 Hz)
  • Hardware support for free-fall detection, tap detection, and activity/inactivity

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Adafruit Industries

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