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7Semi RS485 Industrial Grade Temperature, Humidity Sensor 2m Wire


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₹2,330.50 inc. GST
₹1,975.00 ex. GST
The 7Semi RS485 Industrial-grade Temperature & Humidity Sensor with 2m wire offers precise environmental data for industrial applications. With RS485 interface, it ensures reliable data communication for monitoring and control systems. View full description
₹2,330.50 inc. GST
₹1,975.00 ex. GST


This industrial-grade temperature and humidity sensor with high precision uses a high-quality digital transducer and reliable digital processing circuit to convert environmental temperature and humidity into RS485 signals for centralized monitoring with a host computer system. With a wide measurement range, high accuracy, and fast response, it supports temperature detection from -40 to 125C and humidity detection from 0 to 99.9% RH. The plastic enclosure which protects the sensor makes it suitable for harsh environments, and the breathable, dust-proof probe design protects the internal circuit board and extends its lifespan.

This sensor offers exceptional long-term stability, quick response, high resistance to chemical interference, and excellent repeatability, making it an optimal choice for measuring temperature and relative humidity in HVAC applications. Ideal for use in building automation, climate control, museum and hotel climatology stations, and HVAC system control, it has numerous applications across a variety of industries.


  • Temperature Measurement Range: -40 ~ 70C
  • Humidity Measurement Range: 0 ~ 99.9%RH
  • Temperature Accuracy: +- 0.1C (25C)
  • Humidity Accuracy: +- 1%RH (25C)
  • Power Supply Voltage: 12 ~ 36V (DC)
  • Output Signal: RS485 signal
  • Communication Protocol: standard MODBUS RTU protocol
  • Baud Rate: 9600 (default)
  • Resolution: Temperature: 0.1C; Humidity: 1%RH
  • Wire Sequence: yellow wire - RS485 B; red wire - power input; black wire - GND; green wire - RS485 A
RS485 Temperature, Humidity Sensor: The probe is typically designed to be rugged and durable, able to withstand harsh conditions such as high temperatures, humidity, and exposure to chemicals or other contaminants. It is connected to a larger system or network through an RS485 interface, which enables communication with other devices and systems. RS485 Industrial Grade Temperature, Humidity Sensor probes are widely used in a variety of applications, including HVAC systems, industrial automation, and environmental monitoring. They provide accurate and reliable measurements, which are essential for ensuring optimal conditions for processes, equipment, and personnel. RS485 Industrial Grade Temperature, Humidity Sensor probes are a crucial component in many industrial and commercial environments, providing valuable data that can be used to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety.

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