7Semi CH340C micro USB to Serial Converter Breakout (Mini)

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The micro-USB to Serial Converter is an easy-to-use USB-to-Serial adapter based on the CH340C chip. This Mini USB to Serial converter supports all 5V and 3.3V devices. It has an auto-install feature on most operating systems without the need for additional drivers.

The pinout of the micro-USB to Serial Converter possesses the common DTR/RX/TX/VCC/CTS/GND pinout found on hundreds of FTDI-to-USB devices. It can also be used as a general serial device for debugging (such as with a GPS module). There is a jumper on the rear of the board that controls the output voltage on the VCC pin. By default, the board outputs 3.3V and has 3.3V signals. Changing this jumper to 5V will cause the board to output 5V on the VCC pin with 5V signals.

There are two LEDs TX (Blue) and RX (Red) on the board and are connected to and correctly aligned to the Pins: RX and TX. This is a quick and easy way to observe the serial traffic.

USB to Serial Adapter Pins Overview

Pin Label Input/Output Description
DTR Output Data Terminal Ready, Active Low
RX Input Serial Receive
TX Output Serial Transmit
VCC Supply Output Power supply 3.3V (Default) or 5V
CTS Input Clear To Send, Active Low
GND Supply Output Ground (0V) supply

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1 Reviews

  • Posted by Pratik on 21st Dec 2022


    Good and Compact

    This tiny board having USB overcurrent protection along with dual 3.3V and 5V selectable voltage levels at reasonable price.Order is also shipped on same day.