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7Semi BME688 Environmental Sensor Nano Breakout 2.54mm Pitch Connector


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₹1,244.90 inc. GST
₹1,055.00 ex. GST
BME688 sensor breakout for building your ideal environmental monitoring solution. AI-powered gas sensing, temperature, humidity, pressure. Easy integration with I2C, 2.54mm pitch. View full description
₹1,244.90 inc. GST
₹1,055.00 ex. GST
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BME688 Environmental Sensor Nano Breakout – AI-Powered Precision for Optimal Environments

Experience the future of environmental sensing with the BME688 Environmental Sensor Nano Breakout. This cutting-edge board leverages Bosch's latest sensor technology, delivering exceptional precision in monitoring temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and indoor air quality (IAQ). Its AI-powered gas sensor sets it apart, reliably detecting a wide range of gases including VOCs, VSCs, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen at incredibly low concentrations (parts per billion).

Key Features:
  • Intelligent Gas Detection:Accurately identify and quantify gases critical to air quality and health monitoring.
  • Customization for Your Needs:Fine-tune sensitivity levels, target specific gases, and optimize the sensor's data rate and power consumption to perfectly align with your project requirements.
  • Uncompromising Accuracy:Rely on highly accurate readings with minimal drift, ensuring reliable data for decision-making.
  • Effortless Integration:I2C interface ensures compatibility with various microcontrollers and development boards.
  • Space-Saving Design:The Nano breakout format and 2.54mm pitch connector are perfect for projects with space constraints or embedded applications.
  • Data-Driven Environmental Control:Gain actionable insights into air quality, temperature, humidity, and pressure to make informed adjustments for optimal health and comfort.
  • Proactive Health Protection:Detect and address potentially harmful gases to safeguard the wellbeing of occupants in homes, offices, and industrial spaces.
  • Wide Range of Applications:Suitable for smart building automation, air quality research, weather monitoring, industrial process control, and countless other use cases.
  • Developer-Friendly:Easy to incorporate into projects, reducing development time and complexity.
Technical Specifications:
  • Operating voltage3.3V
  • Operation range (full accuracy)
  • Pressure: 300...1100 hPa
  • Humidity 0…100%
  • Temperature: -40…85C
  • Interface - I2C
  • Gas sensor
    • F1 score for H2S scanning -0.92
    • Standard scan speed - 10.8 s / scan
    • Electric charge for standard scan - 0.18 mAh (5 scans ~ 1 min)
    • Response time (T 33-63%) - < 1 s (for new sensors)
  • Humidity sensor
    • Response time (T 0-63%) - 8 s
    • Accuracy tolerance - +- 3 % relative humidity
    • Hysteresis - < = 1.5 % relative humidity
  • Pressure sensor
    • RMS Noise - 0.12 Pa (equiv. to 1.7 cm)
    • Sensitivity Error - +- 0.25 % (equiv. to 1 m at 400 m height change)
    • Temperature coefficient offset - +- 1.3 Pa/K (equiv. to +-10.9 cm at 1C temperature change)

Technical Specifications


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