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7Semi Bidirectional Voltage Level Translator Breakout PCA9306 I2C


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₹115.64 inc. GST
₹98.00 ex. GST
This breakout board simplifies communication between devices using different voltages (1.2V-5V). The PCA9306 chip translates voltages bi-directionally on I2C/SMBus lines, eliminating direction pins for easier wiring. View full description
₹115.64 inc. GST
₹98.00 ex. GST
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The PCA9306 is a dual bi-directional voltage translator for the I2C-bus and SMBus. It works at a range of voltages between 1.2V and 5.0V and doesn't require a direction pin to function. This is a great board for shifting voltages between sensors and your microcontroller.

Allowable Voltage Level Translation
The breakout can translate voltages between 3.3V and 5V.

VREF1 (i.e. Low Side) VREF2 (i.e. High Side)
1.2V 1.8, 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V
1.8V 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V
2.5V 3.3V, 5V
3.3V 5V
Key Features
  • 2-Bit bidirectional translator for SDA and SCL lines in mixed-mode I2C Applications
  • I2C and SMBus Compatible
  • Less than 1.5-ns Maximum Propagation Delay to Accommodate Standard-mode and Fast-mode I2C Devices and Multiple Masters
  • Provides Bidirectional Voltage Translation with no Direction Pin
  • Open-drain I2C I/O ports (SCL1, SDA1, SCL2, and SDA2)
  • 5-V Tolerant I2C I/O Ports to Support Mixed-mode Signal Operation

The bidirectional voltage level translator breakout integrated with PCA9306 IC is a versatile electronic module that enables easy communication between devices operating at different voltage levels. This breakout board uses the PCA9306 IC, which is a bidirectional level shifter that allows for translation between two voltage domains. The module also features I2C communication and SMBus protocol, which enables it to be easily integrated into many types of electronic projects. The I2C interface allows for easy communication with microcontrollers, while the SMBus protocol provides compatibility with other devices such as batteries, sensors, and other peripheral devices. This voltage level translator breakout is ideal for projects that require communication between low-voltage and high-voltage devices, such as robotics, industrial automation, and home automation systems. Its compact form factor and easy-to-use design make it a versatile tool for electronics hobbyists and professionals alike, allowing them to save time and effort when developing projects that involve communication between devices with different voltage requirements.


PCA9306 Bidirectional Voltage Level Translator Breakout Dimensions

A voltage level translator breakout is a small electronic module designed to allow communication between devices operating at different voltage levels. It includes components such as level shifters, diodes, and resistors that are capable of translating voltage levels between two different domains. The breakout board typically features a compact form factor, making it easy to integrate with other electronic components. Voltage level translators are essential for many electronics projects, as they allow for communication between devices with different voltage requirements. They are commonly used in embedded systems, robotics, and consumer electronics. This module is particularly useful for bridging the gap between low-voltage microcontrollers and high-voltage peripheral devices such as sensors, motors, or displays. With voltage level translator breakout, electronic designers can save time and money by using a single microcontroller that can communicate with a variety of peripheral devices without needing to worry about voltage compatibility issues.

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    I needed a board for my son's project and this one fit the bill. It's simple to use and works as advertised. The price is reasonable and I would buy from Evelta again.