410-309 - Analog-Shield High-Performance Add-On Board for ArduinoUno

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The Analog Shield was created in collaboration with Stanford University and the TI University Program and is manufactured by Digilent Inc. The Analog Shield offers up to 4 channels of 16-bit analog signal input and output and is integrated with fixed 5V and variable 7.5V power supplies. This board comes with a small 170-point solderless breadboard that can be affixed to the shield itself for prototyping with through-hole components.



  • ADS8343 - 4 Channel, 16 bit 100 ks/s SAR ADC
  • DAC8564 - 4 Channel 16 bit 100 ks/s string DAC
  • Variable +/-7.5V Supply
  • Fixed +/-5V Supply
  • A small breadboard
  • Software read and write to the ADC/DAC with a single line of C


  • Sine wave/function generator (using direct digital synthesis)
  • FFT spectrum analyzer
  • Polyphonic Music generation
  • 4-channel low bandwidth oscilloscope
  • Lissajous diagram generator
  • XY-Analog scope display driver

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