2Pin 2.54mm Mini Jumper Short Circuit Cap H6.5 Close Type


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The 2Pin 2.54mm Mini Jumper Short Circuit Cap H6.5 Close Type is a highly reliable and efficient solution designed to meet the needs of electronic engineers, developers, and hobbyists alike. With a current rating of 3A and a contact resistance of 20 mohm max, this compact jumper cap ensures optimal conductivity and minimal power loss, guaranteeing seamless performance in various electronic applications.

Featuring an insulation resistance of 1000 MOhm min and a dielectric withstanding of 1000V AC for 1 min, this jumper cap provides a robust and safe solution for both professional engineers and DIY enthusiasts. Its compact size of 2.5mm x 5mm, along with the through-hole mount and two pins with a pitch of 2.54 mm, allows for easy integration into tight spaces without compromising on functionality.

Extra Information

Current Rating:
Contact Resistance:
20 mohm max
Insulation Resistance:
1000 MOhm min
2.5 mm x 5 mm
Dielectric Withstanding:
1000V AC for 1 min
Temperature Range:
-40 C to +85 C
Through Hole
Number of Pins:
2.54 mm

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