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Teensy Audio Adaptor SGTL5000 Stereo Codec Development Board


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₹1,661.44 inc. GST
₹1,408.00 ex. GST
₹1,661.44 inc. GST
₹1,408.00 ex. GST
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The Teensy Audio board utilizes the SGTL5000 stereo codec with headphone amp IC to decode and drive audio files and the Cortex-M4 DSP instructions from the Teensy dev board to provide power to a real-time FFT. Each board is also equipped with 3.5mm audio jack for headphones, a micro-SD card slot for storing audio files, and optional spaces for a 25k potentiometer (volume control) and flash memory chip. The two rows of 14x1 headers are not included to give you the freedom to choose how to connect your audio board with your Teensy.

Datasheet (SGTL5000)

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