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Hexiwear Workstation IoT Development Board - MikroE


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The MIKROE-3017 is complete IoT devlopment board that combines style and usability found in high-end consumer devices, with the functionality of sophisticated engineering development platforms, the Hexiwear Workstation offers you the choice of expandability. Equipped with 4 mikroBUS sockets, an onboard programmer and debugger, a microSD card slot, digital temperature sensor, buttons, LEDs and more.


Amazing Connectivity
Hexiwear Workstation allows you to connect Hexiwear to the outside world. Buttons, LEDs and three headers for each group of pins, are the connectivity arsenal you need.
mikroProg on board
Powerful onboard mikroProg OpenSDA programmer and In-Circuit debugger can program and debug a docked Hexiwear. You will not be able to imagine development without it.
Audio Module
The Hexiwear Workstation comes equipped with two audio amplifiers. They are used to amplify the line level sound from the VS1053, a stereo MP3 audio CODEC IC.
Supports Click boards
Four innovative new mikroBUS sockets allow you to use 1287 of Click boards with almost no hardware adjustments. Adding new functionality to your device was never so easy.

Hexiwear Workstation Modules

USB Connector

USB connector allows connection with the integrated OpenSDA compatible programmer.

MicroSD Card Slot

Hexiwear Workstation comes equipped with a MicroSD card reader so that you can store all your data

Analog Input

The Hexiwear Workstation board provides an analog interface in the form of one potentiometer, which acts as a voltage divider.

Audio Module

The board comes with two audio amplifiers, capable of delivering up to 675mW of continuous RMS power into two built-in 8-ohm speakers.

Port Headers

The connectivity arsenal you need - two male IDC10 headers and a row of 10 PCB pads.

Temperature Sensor

DS1820 is a digital temperature sensor that uses 1-wire interface for its operation. It is capable of measuring temperatures within the range of -55 to 128C.


Powerful onboard OpenSDA compatible mikroProg programmer and In-Circuit Debuger (ICD) can program and debug docked Hexiwear.

Reset Buttons

Two reset buttons can be used to manually reset the respective MCUs of the docked Hexiwear - both the main MCU (K64F) and the multimode radio SoC (K40Z)


The board also contains a breadboard area with the additional 1x52 female header, which can be used for a custom circuit development

Piezo Buzzer

Hexiwear Workstation comes with a piezo buzzer which can be connected to G2.5 or G4.0 pins and used as the sound signalization or notification in your applications.

Hexiwear Docking Connector

Hexiwear Workstation board is equipped with a small male mezzanine connector, which is used to interface the Hexiwear platform with the board.

Input/Output Group

These groups contain buttons, LEDs and headers, routed to the pins of the docking connector. They allow interaction with the docked Hexiwear, either by pressing buttons, displaying states of its pins on the LEDs, or using headers to interface it to an external device.


With four mikroBUS sockets you can add dozens of new functionalities to your board with minimum hardware adjustments. Collection of mikroBUS compatible Click boards is growing rapidly, and we have designed them with great care, saving you precious development time. Just plug your board in, and you are good to go.


Package Content

Technical Specifications

IoT - Wearable
ARM (32-bit)
Silicon Vendor:
mikroBUS No.:
Supply Voltage:
USB, External

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