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7Semi ESP32-S3 Wifi BLE Dev Board 8MB Flash - Qwiic


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₹454.30 inc. GST
₹385.00 ex. GST
Power your IoT projects with the 7Semi ESP32-S3 Dev Board. Featuring dual cores, Wi-Fi, BLE, native USB, 8MB flash, and Qwiic connectivity for streamlined development. View full description
₹454.30 inc. GST
₹385.00 ex. GST


Accelerate your IoT development with the feature-rich 7Semi ESP32-S3 Dev Board

The 7Semi ESP32-S3 WiFi BLE Dev Board marks a new era in Espressif's innovative line of microcontrollers. It empowers you with a compact, low-power solution boasting dual 240 MHz cores, wireless connectivity, and the incredible convenience of native USB. Whether you're building smart home devices, wearables, or intricate IoT networks, this board will streamline your development process.

Key Features:
  • ESP32-S3 SoC: Experience exceptional power efficiency, robust RF performance, and advanced features like Time of Flight distance measurements tailored for IoT, smart home, and wearable applications.
  • Native USB: Eliminate external converters and enjoy plug-and-play functionality as a keyboard, mouse, MIDI device, disk drive, and more. Perfect for streamlined coding and debugging.
  • 8MB Flash: Store your code, data, and assets with generous space.
  • WiFi & BLE: Expand your project's reach with reliable wireless connectivity options that are essential for modern IoT devices.
  • Qwiic Compatible: Instantly connect a vast array of SparkFun Qwiic sensors, actuators, and displays without soldering. Also compatible with Seeed Grove I2C using adapter cables.
  • Seeed Xiao Compatibility: Integrate flawlessly into your existing Seeed Xiao-based projects, offering a smooth upgrade path.
  • CircuitPython & Arduino Support: Develop using your preferred framework, ensuring a familiar and productive workflow.
  • RGB NeoPixel LED: Provides visual feedback and adds a touch of customization.
Why Choose the 7Semi ESP32-S3 Dev Board
  • Performance for demanding applications: Dual cores and optimized architecture handle complex IoT tasks with ease.
  • Unleash your creativity: Native USB opens up exciting possibilities for user interaction and data transfer.
  • Simplify your workflow: Plug-and-play expansion with Qwiic eliminates wiring and soldering.
  • Compact footprint: Integrate the board into space-constrained projects, including wearables and smart sensors.
  • Future-proof your designs: The ESP32-S3's advanced features ensure your projects stay ahead of the curve.

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