7Semi L86-M33 GPS GNSS Arduino Shield and Data Logger

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The Arduino shield is based on Quectel’s L86 an ultra-compact GNSS module that integrates a 18.4x18.4x4.0mm patch antenna along with an external antenna connector. It uses MediaTek’s new generation GNSS MT3333 chip. Through advanced AGPS (EASY) orbit prediction technology and power saving mode (AlwaysLocate technology), the L86 module achieves high performance and fully meets industry standards. EASY technology enables L86 to automatically calculate and predict orbit information for up to three days, and store this information in the internal RAM memory, which can achieve low-power fast positioning even under weak indoor signals. The use of AlwaysLocate technology enables the L86 to automatically adjust the positioning time according to different environmental conditions and operating modes, which greatly reduces the power consumption of the module while ensuring positioning accuracy.

The shield supports the intelligent detection of antenna plug-in and short-circuit protection. It also supports automatic switching between the built-in patch antenna and the external active antenna, and the positioning is continued during the switching process.

Key Features
  • Support multiple satellite systems: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS
  • Internal patch antenna: 18.4mm x 18.4mm x 4.0mm
  • Support internal and external antenna automatic switching
  • Support short circuit protection and antenna detection
  • Built-in low-noise amplifier to improve receiving high sensitivity
  • Support self-assisted AGPS (EASY TM technology, no external memory required)
  • Very low current consumption: 26mA @tracking mode
  • Multiple power saving modes: standby Mode, Backup Mode, Periodic Mode, AlwaysLocate Mode
  • LOCUS technology, support automatic log information recording and storage
  • High sensitivity: -167dBm@tracking mode, -149dBm@acquisition mode
  • Number of channels: 99 capture channels, 33 tracking channels
  • Support Balloon mode, positioning altitude up to 80km
  • Multi-frequency active interference cancellation technology to enhance anti-interference ability
  • CR1220 GPS/GNSS Back-up Battery holder at the bottom side of the board
  • External Active GNSS Antenna Connector
  • LEDs: Power, Status, Netlight


Board Dimension


Arduino Code for GPS Read

#include <SoftwareSerial.h> // Include the SoftwareSerial library
#define ARDUINO_GPS_RX 9 // Arduino RX pin connected to GPS TX
#define ARDUINO_GPS_TX 8 // Arduino TX pin connected to GPS RX
#define GPS_BAUD_RATE 9600 // The GPS Shield module defaults to 9600 baud
// Create a SoftwareSerial object called gps:
SoftwareSerial gpsPort(ARDUINO_GPS_TX, ARDUINO_GPS_RX);

// This is the hardware serial port on pins 0/1.
#define SerialMonitor Serial

void setup()

void loop()
if (gpsPort.available()) // If GPS data is available
SerialMonitor.write(; // Read it and print to SerialMonitor
if (SerialMonitor.available()) // If SerialMonitor data is available
gpsPort.write(; // Read it and send to GPS


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