EFM8BB1LCK - EFM8 Busy Bee 8-bit MCU Starter Kit

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The EFM8BB1 Low Cost Kit is an easier to use yet powerful development starting point. It contains an integrated debugger and a simple USB micro connection to allow rapid prototyping. The board is fully supported in Simplicity Studio including code examples for every peripheral and demos to take advantage of the on board button and LED. The kit also offers a free unlimited Keil license for its PK51 developer’s kit. Simply plug the board into the host PC with Simplicity Studio installed and it can be flashed, debugged, and more.

Kit Contents
  • 1 x EFM8 BB1 Low Cost Board (EFM8BB1LCB)
  • 1 x EFM8 quick start card
  • Free Keil compiler license, no code limit
  • Free IDE and toolset with Simplicity Studio
Kit Features
  • On board USB to C2 Debugger
  • EFM8BB10F8G-A-QSOP24
  • 1 x LED
  • 1 x user button
  • 1 x reset button
  • Breakout headers for every pin
  • 20 pin connector for expansion cards, example BGX
  • SOT-223 voltage regulator footprint for 3.3V rail (LM317 compatible)
  • Solder jumpers for advanced debugging and developing options
Simplicity Studio Features
  • Energy Profiler
  • Configurator
  • Software examples for every peripheral
  • Software demos using LED, button, and UART
  • Setting breakpoints with register and variable values available to view

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Silicon Laboratories, Inc.

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