DM240004 MICROCHIP Curiosity Development Board with PIC24FJ128GA204 MCU, Integrated Programmer/Debugger, Analog Potentiometer

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The PIC24F Curiosity Board is designed to access the power of 16-bit PIC24F Microcontrollers. Its layout and external connections offer unparalleled access to the Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs). These CIPs enable the user to integrate various system functions onto a single MCU, simplifying the design and keeping system power consumption and BOM cost low.


  • Crafted for Cloud-Based Development
  • Enables integration with software toolchain, including the MPLAB Xpress Cloud-based IDE, XC16 compiler and MPLAB Code Configurator for easy set-up and prototyping
  • The PIC24F Curiosity Board can help turn your IoT design idea into a reality
  • Bluetooth Low Energy communication can easily be added using Microchip's BM71 module footprint
  • The board offers several options for user interface including switches, LEDs and potentiometer
  • To address the security requirements in IoT designs, PIC24FJ128GA204 comes equipped with integrated hardware Cryptographic engine for data encryption/decryption and authentication
  • A full complement of accessory boards are available via the MikroElectronika mikroBUS interface

Key Features:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Ready
  • Features PIC24FJ128GA204 low power (XLP) microcontroller with an integrated Cryptographic engine
  • Integrated programmer/debugger with USB interface
  • Analog potentiometer, multiple user LED's, RGB LED and switches
  • Full compatibility with MPLAB Xpress, MPLAB X IDE, XC16 compiler and MPLAB Code Configurator
  • Functionality expansion support with the mikroBUS interface for Click Boards
  • Wireless connectivity provision with Microchip's BM71 Bluetooth LE module footprint

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