DM164140 - MPLAB Xpress Evaluation Board

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Boost your creative embedded ideas to convert into reality with the help of the MPLAB Xpress Evaluation Board which provides everything from start to finish of the product development cycle. MPLAB Xpress Evaluation board covers everything from selecting the target MCU, appropriate toolchain with integrated debugger for PC that opens the wide scope and opportunity to take the shortest route from imagination to reality.

MPLAB Xpress Evaluation board features the Microchip's 8 bit PIC 16F18855 MCU, which showcase the unmatched combination of low power and high performance with advanced support of on-chip peripherals to execute the complex embedded problems with minimal code requirement, an extra support of the MPLAB Code Configurator plugin allows the graphical interface setup for saving extra time and effort. To widen the interoperability of the Xpansion board, the evaluation board is well supported with on-board MikroBus Expansion header for expanding easy integration of sensors, actuators, Wifi, Bluetooth and much more.

MLPLAB Xpress Evaluation Board features the award winning MPLAB IDE. The software toolchains allows seamless integration for unleashing the potential of the target MCU, with offline software tools and online cloud-based IDE helps the developers to come up with latest toolchains and project for easy and fast development. The development IDE is well supported with advance and rich drag and drop features which is again time saving feature to quickly prototype the project.


  • Compact, credit card sized footprint offers flexibility during prototyping phase
  • On-board PIC16F18855 MCU supports a wide range of applications
  • MikroBus Expansion Header with over 180 off-the-shelf options for adding functionality to your design
  • Integrated drag-and-drop Programmer with USB Interface  no drivers required!
  • Analog potentiometer and pushbutton switches for user input
  • Integrates seamlessly with MPLAB Xpress cloud-based IDE and MPLAB Code Configurator for the quickest development cycle

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