B-STLINK-VOLT - Voltage Adaptation Board for STLINK-V3SET - Interface Board

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The B-STLINK-VOLT board is an additional module for the STLINK-V3SET, performing voltage adaptation for STM32 microcontroller targets running below 3.3 V down to 1.65 V. This module can be enclosed directly in the original STLINK-V3SET casing when used as an STM32 debugging probe (JTAG/SWD/SWV/VCP) through the STDC14 connector. It can be inserted also between the STLINK-V3SET main board (MB1441) and its baseline adapter board (MB1440) when providing access to bridge signals and other connectors.
B-STLINK-VOLT is not required for STM8 targets, for which voltage adaptation is performed on the baseline adapter board (MB1440) provided with the STLINKProduct status link V3SET.

Key Features
  • 1.65 V - 3.3 V voltage adapter board for STLINK-V3SET
  • Input/output level shifters for STM32 debug SWD, SWV and JTAG signals
  • Input/output level shifters for VCP Virtual COM port (UART) signals
  • Input/output level shifters for the bridge (SPI/UART/I2C/CAN/GPIOs) signals
  • Closed casing when using the STDC14 connector (STM32 SWD, SWV and VCP)
  • Compatible with the STLINK-V3SET adapter board (MB1440) for STM32 microcontrollers JTAG and bridge
  • Operating temperature from 0C to 50C

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